World of Warcraft’s Raids in Battle For Azeroth

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The newest expansion for World of Warcraft; Battle For Azeroth, has brought us some amazing endgame content recently. From Warfronts, over Island Expeditions, to insanely good Mythic raids and Mythic+ dungeons. In a recent couple of expansions, Blizzard has been doing their best to provide good endgame content for WoW’s players. With Battle For Azeroth, I think they nailed it completely if you forget about the horrible Azerite system of course. Raids like Uldir, Battle of Dazar’alor, and Crucible of Storms have been some of the most fun mythic raids I have ever done, and I’m going to tell you why I think so.

The Story and Mechanics

Storytelling in both Uldir and Battle of Dazar’alor is amazing. In the first patch, the one that introduced Uldir, while questing in Nazmir, battling Blood Troll tribes and trying to banish them from the zone, we learn that they have been trying to summon the old god G’huun. Little do we know that they have already succeeded. In the raid, we first have to breach the defenses of Uldir in order to reach G’huun and kill him once and for all.

In Battle of Dazar’alor, we venture into the capital of the Horde in Battle For Azeroth, the great city of Dazar’alor. There we encounter various members of both Horde and Alliance. The interesting thing about this raid is that you play as both the Horde and the Alliance, in order to see both sides of the story. The final boss in this raid is Lady Jaina Proudmoor, which we fight as members of the Horde.

WoW Raids

In terms of game mechanics, Uldir is not as challenging as Battle of Dazar’alor, except for G’huun. Rest of the bosses in the raid are relatively easy to beat. G’huun, however, was really though on Mythic difficulty. Even the top guilds such as Method had a hard time killing him.

It’s safe to say that both Uldir and Battle of Dazar’alor are mechanically well-constructed raids with a variety of different boss mechanics and phases. Especially Lady Jaina Proudmoore fight. It was honestly one of the best boss fights I have ever seen, since Ragnaros in Firelands. The boss room could’ve been a bit better, but that’s not as important. Only the best players in the world had managed to kill Jaina Proudmoore on Mythic difficulty within the first few weeks.

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