Why and How can you do RS3 to OSRS Gold Swap?

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Runescape Gold Swap History

RS3 to OSRS swapping is a legal practice allowed by Jagex. It not only makes the gaming experience more valuable but also versatile. Swapping has been extremely useful since the advent of two versions of Runescape. People have been allowed to make transitions across one game to another only via swapping.

RS3 and OSRS Swapping was introduced when runescape introduced the new version “Oldschool Runescape” or OSRS into their real-time game. This server allowed players to bring money from the previous server , and enjoy the perks of the new server. Swapping has been a complete legal activity supported by jagex which has made it more enjoyable and brought a lot of swapping agents inside the game. Players now have a variety of people to choose from to swap,however Jagex has not ensured safety and guarantee.

What are the risks in swapping runescape gp? How to avoid getting scammed while swapping?

The risk of swapping lies with the person alone, thus the person has to make sure that the swapping agent he/she has selected is trust worthy and has a good repute in the swapping business. A good way to determine this is by swapping a small amount of gold first and then seeing if they legit give the amount according to the rate. Another thing to take care off is about the swapping rates. The swapping rates are decided according to the demand and supply of both the golds, thus the rates are adjusted accordingly. Always make sure to visit a couple of agents before deciding to swap so that no one can completely rip you off. Also there is a very important issue of scamming. Some people will try to gain trust over giving you fake legit reviews and vouches but always test them with a small amount. There is a rule of scamming that it will always happen on the first trade thus there is no chance that a scammer would wait for a second or third trade so try with s smaller amount and see if they are trust worthy.

Another benefit of swapping is have a valuable and enjoyable experience of both games. You do not need to be an expert in both games to enjoy coins and money in them, you can earn in one game, swap to the other and enjoy the elite objects in both games.

Benefits of Swapping Runescape Gold

  1. Swapping has also encouraged so many people to try both levels of games because they dont need to make individual money for them, they are just required to swap money from their main account to the other version account and they are good to go.
  2. Swapping has also eliminated any preliminary and initial stage work ups of both servers because anyone who enters a new server enters with enough amount of gp to be considered rich.
  3. Swapping has made it easier for players to try out the new version, this has increased more opportunities without any long preparations for venturing into the new version. Without the swapping option, it would have required players to start from scratch if they wanted to venture into a new game version.

How to safely do RS3 to OSRS Gold Swap?

One of the safest and easiest method to swap your gold is to find a trusted swapping website; one of the oldest and most trusted is ZedRS

ZedRS is one of the oldest swapping website with largest clientele in swapping and rentals. They are offering the best value for your money by offering highest swap conversion rates in the game. Whenever you want to conduct a RS3 to OSRS Gold Swap, you can swap your rs3 or osrs gold super easily through their 24/7 livechat.

Are you wondering what are the conversion swap rates for RS3 and OSRS nowadays? This can be determined by checking with the swapping agents present on the ZedRS’ website. They are always up-to-date with the current on going swap rates.

Serial-Gamer recommends you to use ZedRS as your one stop for all RS Gold Swapping, Maxed Main Rentals and OSRS Power Leveling.

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