UBOAT Gameplay: Four Facts and Tips You Need to Know

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UBOAT is a simulation game. So, from its genre, you can already understand that it has a challenging level of difficulty. If you didn’t try the game already, you might actually be surprised by how difficult it manages to be, from understanding the tutorials to actually exploring the gameplay. Sailing the submarine at nighttime will let you see almost nothing in the darkness, while the submarine will be quite complex and difficult to manage unless you understand its components and functions. So what is it that you should know before starting to play, in order to make your gameplay a little easier? Read the following four tips and facts about the UBOAT gameplay and learn to master the game!


      UBOAT Gameplay is focused on human emotions and psychology more than ever

UBoat Gameplay Boat

As the captain of a crew of German soldiers during World War II, you must take the best decisions in front of their reactions and behavior. This won’t be an easy task: your crew will have a complex mechanism dictating their emotions and thoughts. Characters in UBOAT are extremely humanly. Soldiers talk, enjoy victories, eat and feel hunger. They get depressed due to memories or losses, unless you take care of their needs. Prepare for their fights on ideas like whose wife/girlfriend looks better. They even wait to use the toilet in a queue on the submarine. Consequently, there will also be effects including exhaustion and even death unless you manage to care for their primary needs and feelings. You being a good captain will be crucial if you aim to stand a chance in front of your enemies and adventures. Playing the harsh captain will not be a solution.


      You have to find a balance between playing the good captain and the bad one

So you already understood that being a harsh leader is not a solution in the UBOAT Gameplay. Yet, you have to find a good balance between being supportive and still leading your crew. They still need to be disciplined while dealing with traumas. You need to motivate your soldiers when they are vulnerable and less motivated. Otherwise, their weaknesses will turn into unexpected, destructive enemies, determining your people to become alcoholics, spies and behave like cowards.


      UBOAT Gameplay is difficult in combat

UBoat Gameplay Crew Management

Challenges of playing UBOAT extend past these internal problems. Being the captain, you also need to make sure your crew accomplishes each mission. You have to deal with managerial tasks in each combat. We recommend you to watch the tutorial carefully, even several times if you need. It is the only way you understand how to action whenever you need food supplies and better equipment. Make sure you resist combats to continue exploring stages of WWII and new regions. Know that your enemies will also get stronger while you do, so try avoiding them when they equip radars on their own ships, or while trying to break your Enigma code.


      Understand the functions of your submarine

Let’s not forget that you are in charge of a fully functional operational submarine. This means you are not only the captain on a boat or the leader of its functions. You will also need to manage supplies and even replace crew members when the situation or mission requires it. On top of these, every boat system will let you operate it manually. This comes with even higher gameplay difficulty. Another reason for you to watch the tutorial carefully before venturing into the challenge of sailing a submarine and leading a crew in WWII simulated times.


After applying all these tips, make sure you still enjoy the amazing visuals of UBOAT. Apart from playing, focus on admiring the extremely realistic water and the immersive graphics of the game!

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