UBOAT: 3 Amazing Facts About the Game Story You Had No Idea About

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Recently published, on the 30th of April 2019, UBOAT is a simulation game developed by Deep Water Studio. It introduces every player into the German sailors’ lives during WWII, using immersive visuals and sounds. Great Artificial Intelligence guarantees an authentic experience, but do you know how you can enjoy the game even more? It’s actually the thrilling emotions and involvement in the game story that will keep you playing for a long time. So are you ready to find out 3 amazing facts about the game story which you had no idea about? Then let’s start!


  1. The game was founded on Kickstarter

UBoat Founded on Kickstarter

UBOAT is a project aiming to show the inhuman conditions sailors went through in a realistic experience during World War II. But did you know what finances brought this story and entire game to life? The game has actually come out as a result of Kickstarter founds, with a contribution of CA$ 38,188 from 1,511 backers. Quite impressing, isn’t it?


  1. All sailors and missions have their own stories in UBOAT

In UBOAT, uniquely, each sailor comes with his own story, with a unique personality and original habits and abilities. Although it might seem, at first sight, that is has no story or background, the game itself is a story of a crew during WWII. And which each adventure, challenge and key-mission, it will help you explore the historical events and stages that took place during World War II. Nonetheless, you will witness the physical, mental and emotional lives of the grey wolves. Each sailor will need attention from the captain. This means you’ll find out every story of your crew members. Some will need encouraging, others – help to give up addictions.


  1. The story in UBOAT focuses on psychology and emotions

UBoar German Soldiers

Furthermore, the game focuses unexpectedly well on the emotions and personalities of the crew. It is a story of the weaknesses, skills, trauma and mental health of German soldiers during WWII. Characters of the game will live the constant fear that the home submarine will turn into their cruel grave. This owes to reasons such as unconfronted weaknesses or enemy victory. With a well programmed AI, unless you will have to be a careful captain. It is the only way for your crew to maintain balance and remain mentally and physically prepared for new confrontations with opponents, with the sea or even with their own memories or addictions.


Knowing so much more about the story of UBOAT, aren’t you more excited now to play the game yourself?

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