The Sims 4: Top 4 Amazing tricks you didn’t know

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If you are an old fan of The Sims series, having played each version until you discovered The Sims 4, then probably the next tips will be just a fun reminder of cheats and tricks to make your game more fun. Yet, check out no. 4 because it is an incredible tip for you if you didn’t know about it already! But if you are new to the game and have just discovered the complexity and thousands of possibilities of the Sims world, then make sure you check out the below tricks. These amazing tricks that will enhance your game-play might completely surprise you and make you enjoy its dynamism and freedom of choice at maximum!

  1. Use your own intelligence in The Sims 4 while building your character’s home!

The Sims 4 Home

The Sims 4 is bringing the emotional intelligence as a new element for your characters. The way you design your home and allow your character to relax in the house, to get natural light or to reach the bathroom faster, will influence the level of its health, mood and performances. So when you build your home, although The Sims 4 brings the option of allowing the artificial intelligence to do the entire job, don’t use it! Use your own intuition regarding where to place each element, to get the best results for your character’s life!

  1. You can manage your camera angles in The Sims 4 just how you want them!

The newest version of the game comes with some new camera angles that have annoyed a significant number of players. But the good news is that you don’t have to just go with them – you can change them anytime! You can change them back into the type used in the Sims 3. So if the only thing stopping you from enjoying the Sims 4 features is the hard-to-control and way-too-complex camera, this trick will bring your salvation and get back your joy of playing!

  1. Recycle food remains and garbage for an extra $10 in The Sims 4!

The Sims 4 Food

Simulating a realistic life with emotions and unique career paths, gaining money in the Sims 4 might be a little more challenging if you have chosen the couch-potato personality for your character. Is this your situation? We’ve got the trick for you! After each meal, throwing your garbage into the right trash can will bring you $10 every time you eat! Constant recycling, although will not make you a millionaire, might make you richer or at least partially gain back money your character spends on food!

  1. Link the Sims 4 to the Sims 3

This might be one of the most surprising features brought by the Sims 4 for fans of the Sims 3 version. If you are eager to explore the new features of the Sims 4, yet don’t want to start a new game from nothing and abandon everything you built in the previous version, that’s perfect! The Sims 4 allows you to connect the two versions and save your Sims 3 game data into the Sims 4, continuing your story and the life of your character from right where you left it: the same career, the same home, the same relationships, yet with enhanced graphics, more possibilities and improved visuals and intellectual, emotional and physical qualities.

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