Subnautica: How to survive longer and craft items really fast in just 4 steps!

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Subnautica is a great survival game for players passionate about discovering and admiring the oceanic environment at the same time. Yet, crafting items to stay alive in Subnautica can sometimes take longer than you expected. So if you wish to craft items much faster for a smoother and more efficient exploration of the game, definitely check out the following tricks!

  1. Enrich your inventory from the very beginning of Subnautica

Subnautica Inventory

In your initial setting, you’ll have to fill your inventory with as many useful elements as you can find, including personal basic items from your fabricator, which are some of the most essential to keep you alive for as long as possible during the gameplay. Therefore, remaining alive is the first step for crafting your next items faster. If you don’t stay alive, you can’t craft and, therefore, can’t speed up the process of crafting items. So make sure you have a complete inventory of basic elements that will help you survive to keep evolving, improving and getting the possibility to craft faster and faster!

  1. Learn where in Subnutica you can find materials before venturing into the game

Crafting items fast resumes to speeding up the process of finding the items you need and getting them into the crafting process. To achieve this improvement, you can always watch a few videos to learn the key-places here you’ll find resources of metals or mushrooms, for example. Going directly to the source without roaming around the sea to find what you need will help you speed up the entire game and get all your crafted items much faster.

  1. Stay as far away as possible from Subnautica bad fish

Subnautica dangerous fish

Staying underwater and exploring the area to find materials will get you into contact with other Subnautica characters. These will include colored fish – some of them will be incredibly cute, while others will be dangerous. Although they will not directly damage you, they will secrete some kind of dangerous substances. These will affect your own character. Try to avoid them to survive longer and keep up your searches and fast crafting.

  1. Multiple crafters is a great solution in Subnautica

If you are not happy with the speed when crafting items for your survival and gameplay, no problem! Get more crafters! Although it will take some time, it will help you get more items. So making more crafters is our last trick – which is more of an efficient solution – for you. It will help you craft your items really fast in Subnautica.

How fast do you craft your items in Subnautica? If any of these tricks were helpful, take a few seconds to share this with your friends and tell them how your crafting speed has improved after applying these tricks!

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