Subnautica: a complete review of the game

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With an engaging story and appreciated graphics, Subnautica is an adventure-survival game. It ventures the player into an open-world under the water. Developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment and released in 2018, the game is not only about staying alive and winning prizes. It is more about exploring the ocean underworld. While discovering new equipment, items, systems and forms of life, you’ll get to understand the story and condition of your character better with each minute of the gameplay.

      Subnautica Story

Subnautica starting accident

The story of Subnautica is placing the player in an alien world, with the help of an introductory event. Moreover, after an unexpected crash, your character will wake up to a fire. So you must extinguish it, stepping into the fight for survival right away. Set on a world of alien ocean, with the only direction showing downwards, you will need to manage your resources. You’ll be crafting items and exploring the surroundings to make new discoveries and stay alive. To help you keep the record of your findings and life condition, you will get a Life Pod. You must check this constantly for a guide towards your next destination and needs.

      Subnautica Difficulty

A good point in Subnautica is the option to control the difficulty of your gameplay. You’ll get to choose from several game modes, in a total of four, including Survival, Freedom, Hardcore and Creative. Just as their titles express, some of them are harder to play and others are just for fun. If your purpose is enjoying the beauty and the work of art the designers did in Subnautica, go for the easy modes. Otherwise, for more difficulty and complexity, venture into the versions of the game that will challenge you with situations where your decision will influence your ability to survive!

      Subnautica Graphics

Subnautica Immersive Graphics

Playable on PC, Mac OS(/X), Xbox One and Play Station 4, Subnautica comes with satisfying graphics for 2018. With revolutionary technologies, the game gets the depth of field and even reflections, for enhanced visuals. In addition, it is bug-fixed, having smooth movements and great lightning. These are only a few of the graphic elements enhancing the experience of discovering the ocean world. To explore the graphics truly and understand why it has got so much positive feedback over the time, you need to play Subnautica yourself!


In conclusion, Subnautica is not only a game for players who love survival games, who enjoy taking risks and enjoy simulating behaviors and finding solutions, crafting items, making discoveries and solving mysteries in stressful situations. Although it is an intense adventure-survival experience in difficult modes, Subnautica can also be enjoyed by those who love admiring colors and shapes of realistic, enhanced coral reefs and discovering underwater labs, systems and structures. So if any of these descriptions fit you, definitely give this game a try!

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