SimCity 5: 4 Tricks to build and expand your city faster

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SimCity 5 can be frustrating if you feel stuck or if you don’t know solutions for the problems encountered by the city. And it’s definitely nothing like The Sims series. In just a few seconds, you’ll discover four tricks telling you how to make the game more enjoyable and fun. Learn to build a city faster and smarter by applying some strategy and inside knowledge.


Stop spending money on expensive things

Don’t let the game euphoria take control! Maybe you will see a beautiful Landmark, like the Eiffel tower, think “I need this in my town”. Or some fancy rail stations or the highest-density roads. You will have to use money the smart way. Don’t overbuild – take it easy, from small, to big. Make a city work for 2500 people. After that, expand it. Don’t start building houses everywhere on the map. It will be a little overwhelming and you will start encountering traffic jam problems or issues with the public structures.


Choose an easy city specialization in SimCity 5

SimCity 5 City Specialization

At the beginning of the game, choose a map rich in ore, coal or oil. These are easier to grow for a business or to expand the city. For instance, building a city specialized in gambling or culture is more difficult. You will need to bring a lot of people to your location. So implicitly you will need good transports including trains, boats, buses etc. This can be a little difficult for a beginner. Also, gambling will increase criminal activity in the area. Without a fast police station, your city will quickly collapse. Electronics are also not the best choice at the beginning. You will need a university for a high-tech city and a good recycling system. So take it step by step and expand gradually.


Let them burn!

While playing SimCity 5, you will see lots of red flags. “Mayor we need this, and this!” Just ignore them and firstly build your industry. Be sure you have a constant cash flow and you are on plus. After that, build what your city needs: hospitals, fire stations, police stations, schools. Do it exactly in this order! A high industrial activity level will make some people sick and things will start burning. Also, don’t forget to ensure a water source, electricity and a garbage collector.


Upgrade your city

SimCity 5 Upgrades

In the scenario where you build an industrial city, don’t forget to plant trees around that area to avoid pollution. The best way to organize the city this way: four residences, one park, two markets. This way, you will bring value to your city and it will upgrade. Also upgrade the road for more density. When you encounter bad traffic, just build new streets and don’t worry about what you destroy in your way. They will be rebuilt in short time. When you have at least 50.000 people, build bus stations and use trains. If you keep a good balance of the economy, you won’t need to increase taxes and people will stay happy.

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