Outward: A Complete Review of the Immersive Game World and Gameplay

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Outward was released in March 2019 by Nine Dots Studio. The game is a formidable open-world RPG where you can lose easily. The main reason is that there is no indicator for your location on the minimap. But by playing the game, you will learn to use the compass.

Outward is based on crafting and surviving, exploring the world and finding treasures and dungeons. It is about admiring the stunning landscapes and running from wild creatures or thieves. You can play it in single-player mode or online, with friends. On Steam, they evaluate the game at 7/10 because the game mechanics are difficult to learn. But Outwards is not a generic RPG with a hero that destroys and kills everything in his way to accomplish the quests. It is more complex and interesting. So let’s explore together the entire Outward world for a complete review!


Outward Story

Outward Review of the Story

After a failed mission, your ship is destroyed. You wake up somewhere next to the city of Cierzo, on a beach, and you start collecting items and asking questions. Soon, you will have to confront the harsh truth: pay a debt of 150 gold or lose your house. So you will have to find your way around Cierzo: do quests, fight enemies, craft items, collect water and food.  Fortunately, you will quickly find some of your friends. So it will be the time for making your decisions. Going on an adventure?


Outward Difficulty

Outward Mechanics

Outward is pretty difficult, as already mentioned above. You don’t have map control. The fighting system is quite difficult, too, for a beginner: you’ll die a few times until learning it. Your character always runs out of stamina, food, water or becomes tired, sick etc. You must always have food and water around, or the game will be even more difficult. If you die, you will also lose your bag and all the things you collected. This can be frustrating. Though the good news is you can find it again in the same location where you died. Rest, repair your gear, eat, collect and repeat. Outwards is not a generic RPG where you will encounter ten enemies and eviscerate them with a single spell! You will find only one enemy at a time. You’ll have to do a battle with each, duel with dodges, run trials and errors before killing.


Outward Graphics

Outward graphics are spectacular but pretentious. You will need a graphic card with Pixel Shader 5.0 such as Nvidia GTS 450 etc. You also need an i5 processor, 15GB space and 8GB RAM to run a smooth game. Playing Outward on a laptop with minimum necessary generates problems with fps and a long loading screen. In combat, low fps gets extremely frustrating, as you can die quickly. So we highly recommend that you play Outward on a decent computer. Otherwise, the entire gameplay can be ruined.



In the end, how fun can Outward be? This totally depends on you! If you like challenges, crafting and discovering recipes and exploring the world around, the answer is yes. If you enjoy keeping an eye on the character’s needs to survive, then the answer is also yes. The game is for you! So enjoy Outward and stay tuned to the activity of its creators on Steam, for more awesome games!

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