OSRS: 4 tips to significantly improve your gameplay

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OSRS is a timeless classic released in the year 2013. In OSRS information is key, so you need to prepare to the fullest in order to preserve obscene amounts of grinding.  That’s why, you can consider this as our gift to you – the gift of time! Shaving off even a second of the grind in OSRS is worth it. Without further due, let’s jump right into it!

1. Quests are your friends!

OSRS has over 200 available quests for you to complete. The rewards that the quests give you, vary in their usefulness depending on how far along are you in your journey. Our advice is to complete certain quests as soon as you meet the bare minimum requirements for them. However, be wary of the quest rewards if you are building a pure account as some quests award experience in multiple stats, which may, in turn, ruin your pure. For instance, quests such as Dragon Slayer 1 and the Holy Grail award Defence XP which will raise your defence level to around 40, ruining your pure. Couple of quests we suggest to do as soon as possible are:

  • Waterfall Quest – Awards attack and strength XP, raising your level to 31 in the respective stats, only requiring good food to complete. Getting the stats manually to level 31 would take you approximately 2h while the quest is 15 minutes long
  • Holy Grail quest – Awards defence and prayer XP
  • Witches House – Awards significant HP experience. Raising your level to 23 from 10, in turn allowing you to complete Waterfall quest Easier
  • Tree Gnome Village – Attack XP
  • Fight Arena – Attack and thieving XP

Waterfall quest completion OSRS Guides tips and tricks

2. Play on an OSRS client such as Runelite and RSbuddy

Runelite client some features OSRS guides

Playing on the official OSRS client has a multitude of drawbacks. Such as no XP per hour counting, no minigame help, no item pricing aligned with current GE prices and many more. Playing on these clients will help you find the optimal way to earn experience in the game. It will be of incredible significance when doing minigames such as Varrock museum and will eliminate the need to pick up and item and price check it to find it’s value. It will simply show you the prices of items while they are on the ground. Therefore, shaving valuable seconds of everyday experience really add up when playing in the long run.


3. Always do optimal training methods

Training skills in OSRS is the entire gameplay almost. That’s why we suggest being as efficient as possible when training. In OSRS the content is the reward, so you want to get to that content as soon as possible. Avoid long and tedious grinds if you can by just simply using your Runescape gold. Nowadays, buying Runescape gold from outside vendors is extremely cheap, but it can save you from the worst grinds. Paying less than 1$ to cut hours of boredom seems very fair to me.

OSRS coins stack buying cheap gold


4. Always do the things that you consider fun!

Having fun in OSRS, and any game is the reason why we play these games. Nothing will make your time in the game fly by, as having fun will do. Avoid anything you consider a painful experience as that is not why we play games for! Having fun is the most important reason to play, do not forget that!


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