Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden: 3 Most Exciting Characters and Everything You Need to Know About Them

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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden has been released in December the 4th, 2018, by Funcom. A post-apocalyptic turn-based tactical game, it is all about taking control upon a team of unique Mutants and completing missions. The story is set in a time following a cruel apocalypse. Extreme climate modifications, economic global crisis and tensions between new and old powers drive to using nuclear weapons once again. This affects the entire population and creates unique, strange Mutants, half humans and half animals. They are eager to eat, fight and venture into all types of missions in order to survive.

So this is where the game gets the most interesting: characters! Regardless of the exciting post-apocalyptic world of ruins and humanoids, unique Mutants will amaze you with their strange stats! Now, there are a lot of interesting characters here, including Selma, the most “human” one, with horns and superpowers, or Dux, a sarcastic male with impressive stats such as speed and abilities. Characters will be able to fly, climb, get invisible and improve fighting skills etc. by gaining new mutations. But let’s see, from all these well-developed characters, which the most interesting are! Discover everything you need to know about the stories, mutations/skills of the most exciting Mutants in Mutant Year Zero!


  1. Mutant Year Zero: Farrow

Mutant Year Zero: Mutant Farrow

A character with unknown origins, Farrow is one that you will actually recruit during your Zone expeditions. Specialised in assassination, Farrow is a perfect Stalker with unique combat abilities and fantastic skills. The reason you’ll love this character is probably the almost innocent aspect of a cute being, yet hiding a great fighter. This contradiction between looks and behavior is what qualifies Farrow as one of the most exciting characters. Are you curious to discover more about her? Play Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden and you’ll find her in The Zone!


  1. Mutant Year Zero: The Elder

The Elder

Another intriguing character in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is the Elder. He is the boss of the Ark and the one you’ll get orders and missions from. The special part about The Elder is actually the mystery surrounding him. You will know almost nothing about his past or abilities, about who Dr. Ingmar Edison is or what his purpose is, at the beginning. But with every mission completed and every progress in the game, you will find another clue and more information. So he is an enigmatic character whose secrets you’ll gradually uncover by playing and completing missions! This is also quite an interesting part of the story!


  1. Mutant Year Zero: Bormin

Mutant Bormin

The last character we want to discuss is Bormin – and he might also be the most controversial one! A human body and a pig’s head create probably the most complex mutant in the game. His personality is full of self-control issues and anger and this turns into a unique ability of annoying anyone. Among other mutations, Bormin can eat corpses for hp restore and has other abilities including stone skin (1 turn immunity) or Eagle Eye (further sight and improved shots). He is playable from the beginning of the game and also gets the first missions to complete. Bormin is definitely one of the characters with the biggest potential to offer you a fun experience in Mutant Year Zero!

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