Junkyard Simulator: A Short Glimpse of the Gameplay Before It’s Released

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A simulation game still not having announced its release date, Junkyard Simulator will actually be more fun than you expect. Unlike games of the same genre, this one will be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, challenging your imagination. Rebelia Games is still developing it, and it will allow you to fantasize about doing whatever you want in a heaven of junk, ruled by you alone. Does it sound funny or creative to you? Anyway, with Junkyard Simulator yet unreleased, you’ll surely enjoy catching a glimpse of the gameplay. So let’s discover a few secrets about the surprises waiting for you, before it’s released by PlayWay S.A. and you’ll see by yourself!


      A variety of machines and technologies to use in Junkyard Simulator

Junkyard Simulator Tips

As a simulator, the game comes with quite a large variety of equipment and technologies. Diverse machines and possibilities to decide your next steps will allow you to get more creative in your virtual junkyard. For example, you can use carts to explore the entire yard or a big scrap car with large crates to store multiple objects at once.


      You’ll be able to complete quests

The goal in Junkyard Simulator given by its story will be to build the biggest junkyard. So the game will help you with this by offering you various quests. So getting profit out of your junk will be one of your aims in the game. More exactly, the junk you’ll find will represent useless objects, but also high-valued materials or technologies. With a little imagination in your workshop, you’ll be able to refurbish and sell them. This way, you’ll be able to complete orders from your clients, finish quests and gain more rewards, objects and money.


      Junkyard Simulator will also come with surprise boxes

Another feature of the game will be the option to buy big boxes full of items. It will be a test of your luck, as some boxes will be completely useless with more junk to store. Yet, other boxes will offer you valuable objects to use in your workshop or simply sell them. So expect for random surprises, too!


      Still, you are the ruler and you make every decision

Junkyard Simulator Cars and Yard

The fun of the game, apart from activities and quests, is that you are the only ruler of your junkyard. More exactly, if you’re not in the mood for opening boxes, refurbishing your yard or driving a car, no problem! How you manage and what you do in your junkyard is totally up to you. So be sure the game will allow you to even get rid of any stress by allowing you to watch TV and drink beer!


Haven’t you already got more excited about the game by knowing about the gameplay even before it was released? Well, stay tuned because we’re surely coming up with even more information for you right after the game release!

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