Hitman Absolution: A Complete Review of the Fifth Game in the Series

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We can easily include Hitman Absolution into many genres: action, strategy, stealth. It all depends on your playing style. If you want to take the challenges and become a professional hitman, you will need to have a stealth-based strategy to accomplish your tasks. Absolution is the fifth game from the Hitman franchise, released in 2012 by Square Enix. Developed by IO Interactive, Hitman Absolution won the 2013 BAFTA award for the best action game.


Hitman Absolution Story

Hitman Absolution Story

Hitman Absolution follows the same previous game mechanics and structure. In every mission, you will have to kill at least one important person and more for the secondary plot. As Agent 47, you will make notorious enemies in your way to finish your missions. Absolution is continuing the story from the previous game, Blood Money. After Diana gets fired from the agency, you get a letter. Furthermore, in your own way, try to find a mission person working for different people. This will help you find your way towards the harsh truth.


Hitman Absolution Difficulty

You can play Hitman Absolution in different difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Purist. If this is your first time playing Hitman, I recommend that you try easy or medium difficulties. The other ones are too complex for a beginner and you must first familiarize with the game mechanics by trying them. With every higher difficulty, you will have less help from the tools the game provides you (checkpoints, minimap, instinct). The AI will also get smarter and people will find you more quickly to sabotage your missions. Meanwhile, the good point is the game provides many options to accomplish your tasks and kill targets in creative ways. You can use weapons or environmental elements to provoke accidents. Moreover, you can either let people know about you or play as a skilled ghost.


Hitman Absolution Graphics

Hitman Absolution Graphics

Hitman Absolution comes with strong lights for the environment, while graphics for the characters are not really from the latest trends. But the overall colors and mechanics generate a particular feeling that makes it unique and iconic for the game are you playing. Environmental storytelling is doing great, just like in the previous game series. You will know when you are in a luxuriant place, allowing you to image smelling the fresh air and good food. Meanwhile, in basements and dirty places, the smell of moist walls, smoke and rats will also almost feel real due to a visually enhanced work. To play Hitman Absolution, you will need a graphic card with at least 512MB for Nvidia and 1024MB for Radeon, with DirectX 11 installed.



So Hitman Absolution can be fun. It will challenge you to think and find the best solutions for the difficulties you encounter. It can motivate you to use your creativity and stealth skills. Short tip: play the entire game series, to expand your knowledge about the story game and for more interacting challenges!

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