Hearthstone: Get to know everything about it with this review

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Hearthstone is a cool game, continuously challenging its players. If you played Duel Master or Yu-gi-oh in your childhood, or watched the cartoons, you will love this game. Heroes of Warcraft, as it was first named, is a card-based game. To win, you have to collect cards and bring your best strategy to defeat your opponents. The game was released in 11 March 2014, by Blizzard.


      Hearthstone Story

Hearthstone Heroes Story

The story of Hearthstone is based on the Warcraft lore and universe. If you played Warcraft III or WOW in the past, you will see a lot of familiar characters coming to life in the Hearthstone card game.  The game brings similar elements, graphics, heroes, spells, and items. And, of course, it brings legendary heroes with memorable lines and voice acting such as Gul’dan, Rylai, Rexxar, Furion etc.


      Hearthstone Difficulty

Hearthstone can fascinate and frustrate you at the same time. If you are a beginner and you want to test your skills in the ranked mode, you might leave it with the expression “What the heck?”, seeing your opponent’s strong legendary and epic cards that can quickly destroy a beginner’s deck. The game is following the classical Blizzard rule. If you want to become someone in the game, you will have to work for it! Or let’s say, in familiar terms, farm!  Do lots of dungeons where you will learn tactics, cards, gameplay and earn gold to buy decks. Hero leveling will also give you random cards for different classes.


      Hearthstone Graphics

Hearthstone Graphics

Just like others Blizzard games, Hearthstone is highly optimized and you can run it excellently even on a low PC. You can also play it on your phone or tablet, without being disturbed by bugs because the game gets constant updates and further development, both regarding the story and gameplay, graphics, difficulty and complexity. Graphics are similar to the Warcraft universe, with smooth effects, interesting creatures, spells and stories in adventure modes.



In conclusion, Hearthstone can be fun if you play it casually and have fun with your friends in the brawl mode. You can also play it when you are in a train, in school breaks to show others your latest cards, or from your bed, late in the night, on your phone. But if you want to become a pro at it, learn strategies and master all the classes to counter them in the rank mode and also in the arena. Have fun playing Hearthstone!

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