GTA IV: 4 Fun tips that will make your gameplay so much more amazing!

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Released in 2008, GTA IV (Grand Theft Auto IV) is an engaging and immersive action-adventure game, definitely not the type of life-building and managing game such as The Sims 4. Yet, you might sometimes get bored with stealing cars, getting on missions and running from the police. For those moments, we’ve got four amazing tips that will help you get the most out of the GTA IV fun features! Are you ready to see how many other things you can do in GTA IV as Niko Bellic for those days when chasing, running, doing robbery or attacking people are not your main interests? Then let’s get going!


  1. Listen to your favorite music at the car radio in GTA IV

GTA IV driving

One of the most enjoyable features of GTA IV, and of Grand Theft Auto in general, is that you get to drive any car you want. And you really got some pretty numerous and cool car models out there to choose from. So if you have already taken a car and wish to enjoy exploring the city, waiting for the sunset, this trick is for you! GTA IV allows players to select their favorite playlist and add it into the radio of the car. Next time, you’ll be able to play your own music instead of the default audios, while driving for fun or in the middle of a mission. Isn’t this amazing?

  1. Use GTA IV codes for a worriless life

If you don’t feel like playing the game to get dollars for whatever you might wish to purchase or enjoy in the city, no worry. The internet is full of generated codes that will quickly and easily unlock new achievements, helping you get money and other bonuses much faster. There’s no need to stress out if you don’t enjoy venturing into missions, when you have all these codes ready to be introduced and offer you a worriless millionaire life!

  1. Gain Extra bonuses by making friends

Apart from anything you used to do in GTA IV, there is one more interesting and fun way of getting extra benefits. Make friends strategically! By improving your relationships with characters from the game, you’ll get access to premium treatment, services and bonuses, from reduced prices at items and objects you might buy, to a one-phone-call-away helicopter pickup.

  1. You can even make a girlfriend in GTA IV!

GTA IV Internet Cafe

If you wish a deeper virtual experience in the game world, making a girlfriend is also possible in GTA IV. Just go to the Internet Cafe and you will be able to contact and communicate with girls, maybe even getting into a relationship! It is not that realistic Sims experience, but it is still a great feature for a lazy day!

Have you enjoyed all these tips already? Be sure they will enhance your next experience, when you’ll venture into the world of GTA IV!

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