God of War Combat: 4 Battle Tips That Will Save Your Life

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The realistic graphics and 3D visual effects have amazed players of God of War all around the world. It is a unique experience, both regarding battles and sights. Anyway, besides exploring an ancient Greek world and finding powerful artifacts such as Odin’s ravens, it is still a story of revenge. In God of War combat is a complex element of the game, bringing well-developed mechanics and techniques.

So what are the secrets for the best performance in every game? Keep reading and find out the best battle tips that will save your life in ever God of War combat!


  1. God of War Combat: Arrows

God of War Combat: Atreus throwing Arrows

Atreus, son of Kratos, will be a reliable and amazing ally in battles. Almost behaving like a pet from WOW, he will throw arrows automatically in the direction Kratos will face. Use this in your advantage! Atreus has unlimited arrows, with a quick regenerating speed. With the right strategy, you will take down enemies quickly using the power of arrows. But we’ll discuss more on this at tip #4, so stay around!


  1. Easy Kills

God of War also brings the possibility to make easy kills, if you discover the secret tip we’re giving you for free: environmental weapons! The easiest way to get rid of enemies, even of flying ones, is throwing them off cliffs! You or Atreus won’t be able to fall off the ledges, but every other character will. So using this environmental trick will help you gain the easiest kills ever, while also being able to loot. How? Rewards will quickly appear next to Kratos even when corpses of your enemies will be miles away under you! Quite great and easy, isn’t it?


  1. Slow vs. Fast Combats

God of War Combats: Kratos and Atreus Fighting

Letting easy kills and automatic arrow shots apart, the game isn’t what you’d call an easy one. Even though combats will seem quite slow at the beginning, everything will get faster and more difficult with every progress. So our advice for you? Take advantage of the starting slow combats to explore your options and test strategies and techniques Improve your attacking skills and get used to controlling your characters and learning schemes, combos etc. You won’t have time for these later, in fast combats, when every move will have to be intuitive already and you’ll have to act instinctively.


  1. Use your strategy in every God of War Combat!

Our last tip is to build some of your own strategies to help you win the game! Are you a fan of the Greek and Scandinavian cultures? Then go find treasures, relics, ravens and powerful amulets to boost your performance and empower you. Are you more into fighting? Well, find your own fighting style then. You can improve your axe-throwing skills and use environmental weapons such as bombs, stones or cliffs to take down your enemies. Or you can be more strategic and spot the weaker enemies when you are surrounded, allowing Atreus to take them down with automatic arrows while you take care of the more dangerous ones. It’s up to you, but remember your options are open and the more you explore, practice and improve your battle abilities, the more exciting each combat will become!

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