God of War: A Perfect Story for Players Passionate About Ancient Greek Culture

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Have you already played God of War, since it’s been released on April 30th 2018? Then this top is going to be a fun recap of everything you’ve already enjoyed during your gameplay. But if you haven’t, be sure you will now find out everything you need to know. Just read these facts before venturing into the immersive virtual Greece from the game. Are you ready to explore the most interesting parts of the story of God of War? Then keep reading!


God of War is a perfect game for fans of the Norse/Greek mythology

God of War Greek Heroes

Set in the old times of the Greek lands, the story takes place after the destruction of Olympus. You will meet, fight, defeat and kill several Greek heroes and gods, meeting creators and Greek icons. With a Spartan warrior as your main character, the story will become even more captivating for mythology lovers! The relics, artifacts and treasures, including Pandora’s box, you will find, will also add up to the mythological elements of the game, empowering the illusion of an ancient Greece.


God of War is all about power and revenge

You will play as Kratos, the Spartan warrior whose wife and daughter have been killed. He will now seek revenge, as the cause for their death is a pact he previously made with Ares. This pact, despite strengthening him, also darkened his mind and determined him to act unlike him. So the story will take you through a journey of revenge, discovering how strong and powerful Kratos can become.


A story of strong alliances and feared enemies

God of War Enemies

The most loyal ally will be the son of Kratos, Atreus, inheriting his father’s exceptional fighting skills. Moreover, the game will take you through several moments when you’ll need to make alliances in order to survive or win. Amongst them you will have Gods, heroes and ancient fighters, while your enemies will also be feared iconic characters. You will fight underworld creatures and feared warriors from a complex virtual Greece.


You’ll fight powerful Gods in God of War

To be more specific, your worst enemy in God of War will be the most feared Greek antagonist: Zeus. He will banish Kratos in the underworld, but you will need to find your way up and confront Zeus. Don’t worry! Complex mechanics will enhance both your journey and gameplay, making your every combat interesting and engaging. Throwing objects you pick up from the ground, climbing, swimming and dodging will be only a few of the possibilities you’ll enjoy with 3D effects and immersive sounds!


Is there anything else you’d like to know about the story in God of War? Well, there’s no better way to find out than playing yourself!

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