Hearthstone: 4 Tips & Tricks to be the best player

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Released by 2013 and constantly improved and updated by Blizzard Entertainment, Hearthstone is one of the most engaging games of the moment. One of the most challenging online cards game you can ever try, it is earning around US$40 million each month, according to Wikipedia. And when so many players invest money into card packs and heroes to get the best out of the best, how can you face them and gain victory after most of your matches if you don’t want to pay real money? Climbing ranks is never easy. But we have got four tips here to help you become the best player and enjoy the most out of each Hearthstone match!


1.   Do not play for rank ascendance alone in Hearthstone!

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The first mistake you can make is to keep playing in Standard or Wild Modes only, chasing the best ranks. Don’t do it. But what we highly recommend you, instead, is testing new and updated Solo Modes, going for Arena runs and even testing new Tavern Brawls. You should definitely do this once in a while. They will offer you the best possibilities to train, test new cards and combos and become better when planning your strategies. Don’t skip this step before showing your abilities in a real ranked match!

2.   Use existing Hearthstone statistics to build your deck!

Using your imagination and experience to build your decks is great. But don’t forget that meanwhile, there are some online Hearthstone statistics available you can always check. They will show you which decks and combos have best performed for long periods in earlier seasons. Let them inspire you to create the most powerful deck for each class!

3.   Don’t forget about your Hearthstone quests!

Hearthstone More Quests

It’s true that trying to get the newest cards will determine you to spend all your dust and gold. Yet, that small amount of gold (10 coins) you get after every 3 victories is too low to allow you to buy any new cards soon. So don’t forget that completing your quests will offer you a daily reward, increasing the amount of your gold. This will allow you to achieve a certain total for a new purchase sooner!

4.   Learn to enjoy victory and loss as well!

Being the best player also means learning both to lose and to win. While victories are always the sweetest, learn to appreciate if your opponent had a nice combo that defeated your strategy. Maybe you can even learn from them and become more powerful for the next battles!


Eventually, no matter what other tips or tricks you use or how much time, money and energy you invest in your every game, don’t forget that enjoying each battle is the most important part of your matches. So make sure you apply the advice above and enjoy your every Hearthstone game, constantly training to become the best player!

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