Dota 2: How to play as a carry when you encounter a difficult lane in just 4 steps!

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Are you excited about finding out how to be a farm machine even when you have a difficult lane as a carry? Okay, let’s not waste time and see what you can do. In this guide, we will focus more on the solo bracket at low MMR, where there is less communication and you really need a strategy to win the game. Ready?

  1. Analyze the match, identify the problem

Dota 2 - analyze the match

Until the game starts, analyze your team mates. See if they have the right heroes and build, and what to expect from them. To be more specific, let’s imagine you play Juggernaut and you have Shadow Shaman support, encountering Necro and Ogre with lots of clarity and mana regen. You will try to take some creeps but they are just spamming you with spells. Meanwhile, your support is disoriented, sitting under the tower, with no reactions. In the next second, you have half hp. So you have a problem. Now, what can you do? Stay there and I will tell you next!

  1. Don’t get triggered or become a frustrated carry

In the scenario above, the support is the problem. What would a random carry do in this situation? He would try to take a creep and fight with the two enemy heroes pinging at the support and saying: hey, they have half hp, why don’t you shackle them?! But the support is moving slowly with the expression: Uhm…? Now a random carry will be triggered and become frustrated, trying to fight them alone and criticize the team mates with no results, dying 2-3 times. After all, the game seems to be lost, so you might even start throwing the game and blame everyone.  Please don’t do that!

First, buy a wand and go into the jungle. When the creeps are at your tower, take experience and go to kill as many of them as you can, still staying safe. If the tower is hitting the enemies, spin around, create pressure and go back to safe farming in the jungle. The secret is to stay calm and positive. Therefore, put some nice music on the background and don’t forget: losing the lane stage doesn’t mean the game is lost. Keep farming!

  1. Adopt the “see you in 15 minutes” mentality

Dota 2 Battlefury

Maybe the enemies will trigger you to fight them in a trap. Or maybe other team mates are negative. Ignore them and tell to yourself “I will see them in 15 minutes”! Farm one of the following core items to farm easily later: Maelstrom, Yasha, Battlefury as a Juggernaut. The stronger you will get, the more chances are to win the game. Fighting with no results or items, the game will go down for you.

  1. Become a Dota 2 opportunist

If the opponent in middle lane is coming for you and your team in struggling to keep you alive, there is no point to stay there. You will only lose farm. So if you see 3-4 enemy heroes on your lane, here you have a great opportunity to farm top. Use teleport and farm your core item quickly. Also, in another scenario, if you see they are fighting in the opposite lane, teleport quickly and use your ultimate, as it is an amazing opportunity for you to kill. Take every kill you can and go back to farm. If you kill steal, it is not important. The more gold you have, the closer it will bring you the victory!

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