Dota 2: 4 Tricks to become a better player

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Dota 2 is a massive MOBA, a complex and competitive game. You will need years to learn it, to understand each hero and strategy and to become a better player. Yet, there are four quick tips that will surely improve your game and matchmaking rating (MMR). Are you ready?

  1. Pick a role according to your team’s needs!

Dota 2 Heroes

This is especially true for the solo MMR bracket. In the lower one, where everything is chaotic and thus one wants to play carry to be the star of the team. So wait and analyze your team and their picks. Ask yourself this question: how can I improve my team’s performance? If needed, pick a strong disabler, especially if your team doesn’t have a stun. Or go protect your carry, supporting him and helping him to farm. Maybe you like a hero and you want to play it alone. But what’s the point? With no vision and everyone aiming to take the kills, you’re not getting the victory. If you want to climb MMR, you need to be competent and able to play any role!

  1. Watch other Dota 2 pro players from a high mmr bracket

You want to learn to play a support, such as Grim. Or maybe you want to carry the game with Troll, but you are not sure about the build, spells and game style. Just go to the Spectator tab, type your hero and watch how other pros play it! Observe: build, lane, farming, etc. After that, go on sites such as and follow people from strong teams such as Team Liquid, OG, Vici.Gaming. You will surely learn so many new things! Also watch international competitions and ESL.

  1. Subscribe to Dota 2 Plus!

Dota 2 Plus

Maybe you don’t have time to watch and spectate other players. No problem! Dota Plus will tell you about everything you need, through suggestions. It will tell you what hero to pick based on trends, meta and your hero’s win rate. If you are not sure in what spells to put points at the beginning, Dota 2 Plus will suggest you that. It will also help you decide what items to buy versus your enemies, to achieve victory.

  1. Play fewer Dota 2 heroes!

You know, you don’t have to become the most versatile master to climb MMR. Even pro players do it. Invest time into learning two-three heroes from every role. This guarantees you will become a better player. Playing many types of heroes, you will not have time to remember key binds, weaknesses and strengths for everyone. If you play fewer heroes, you will know when to farm, kill and defend.



If these tricks were useful for you, leave a comment bellow and tell us how your Dota 2 matches improved using our tips!

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