Call of Cthulhu Review: Everything you have to know before you play

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Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft’s horror – thriller series of tales about a dark cosmic creature, Call of Cthulhu is an RPG of survival published by Focus Home Interactive in 2018. Developed by Cyanide, the PC game comes with a unique gameplay and a complex story with multiple and different endings. Offering a great experience to lovers of Lovecraft’s Universe, the game brings his creatures and emotions of fear and madness to life in a very realistic way.

      Call of Cthulhu Story

Call of Cthulhy Main Character

The game introduces players into the mythical Universe in the role of a character named Edward Pierce. You are an investigator with the assignment of solving the mystery of a woman’s disappearance. You’ll be getting in contact with various characters and discovering new places and clues. Therefore, the dynamic scenario will engage you into a story completely influenced by your choices. Eventually, you will elucidate the mystery uniquely and will find out about the rituals of awakening Cthulhu. Depending on how you’ll answer questions, how you’ll interact with the characters of the game and what decisions you will make, the story will show you one of the four different endings prepared by the developers for an authentic, thrilling and very dynamic experience.

      Call of Cthulhu Difficulty

Call of Cthulhu comes with great artificial intelligence. This makes the game a not really easy experience. Although the difficulty can be high, especially in certain parts of the game, you will constantly get to save the game progress. Consequently, you’ll be able to keep record of your actions. But at the same time, this difficulty and dynamism of the scenario are exactly what makes Call of Cthulhu such a fun and authentic experience. Let’s not forget the game inspires from the scary atmosphere of American writer Lovecraft’s short stories.

      Call of Cthulhu Graphics

Call of Cthulhu Immersive Visuals

Game graphics in Call of Cthulhu are another huge plus, enhancing the experience you’ll get at maximum. Playable on PC, Call of Cthulhu graphics have been developed on an Unreal Engine 4. This brings unique visual details and great, immersive audios. These contribute to creating that realistic atmosphere that transmits the feelings of terror, madness and desperation. Although there might appear some latency effects on older PCs, the game runs smoothly in general. Fortunately, no major bugs will ruin the quality of a challenging, unique and engaging gameplay. In addition, the effects provided in the four different endings offer a real spectacle in both terms of story and graphics!


While this is a must-try for Lovecraft fans for the greatly realistic way it brings to life such a mythical character, Call of Cthulhu will also be a great game for people who enjoy dark atmosphere, the challenges of a survival game and some greatly imaginative visuals for terror and mysterious creatures. Are you curious about the great game mechanics and how they will immerse you into an addicting Universe? Try it right now!

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