Banished: An Accurate Review for Every Part of the Game

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At the first glance, Banished might seem simple. But be sure even from the beginning that it’s pretty complex and cool. The game is about city-building and time management strategies. Banished was released during 2014 by Shining Rock Software. Critics on Steam and meta-critic evaluated it positively. After the modifications and new updates, anyway, Banished became even better in its gender. So are you ready for the most accurate review of the entire game and all its aspects? Let’s get started!


Banished Story

Banished Simulating City Management

It starts with a small colony that you have to expand. You’ll gather resources and build houses for your people to help them survive. Upcoming winters are real challenges in Banished, getting stronger and harsher each year. Are you people ready to face the cold winds? In Banished, you can trade resources, farm, hunt, mine and craft. You can also build hospitals and schools. These, anyway, become a big “must” if you want to win the game. If people go to school, they will become more productive, use resources more wisely, improve skills and, consequently, die harder. You will see every family member of the colony growing up and becoming what you decide. When you expand, anyway, necessities grow too, so can you come with a successful strategy?


Banished Difficulty

By now, you might already ask “How to survive in Banished?”. Well, you have to provide various resources for you people first of all. First of all, make sure you get food supplies by hunting, gathering, fishing and farming. Don’t focus on one single food type – that way, your people will surely die. When the winter is coming, furthermore, be sure you have gathered fire lumbers. After that, find sources for wool clothes and improved houses for your people (in the late game). Don’t build lots of farms or other food providers at the beginning. You won’t be able to handle everything. It will only be expensive and you will have to manage your people smartly to expand. Thus, the difficulty of the game is quite high and challenging. That’s why it’s recommended to pay attention to the tutorial and learn the game mechanics first.


Banished Graphics

Banished Winters

The game can work on most computers with at least 2GB RAM, DirectX 9 and a regular video card. If you like city-building strategy games, though, you know that this type of game is not all about graphics and effects. It is about the AI, options and complexity of the experience the game provides. Banished makes no exception. There are no visually enhanced 3D effects or immersive sights, yet the gameplay is complex and challenging. It turns into a relaxing game after you ensure resources for every necessity for your people. So after successfully getting over the difficult parts, you can easily play Banished while also listening to music or a podcast.



The good news is that the game is also cheap on Steam, even after the latest updates and modifications. You can definitely enjoy this game and successfully build as many cities as you want. For simulation and city-building game lovers, Banished is a relaxing, cool experience!

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